Thursday, 30 January 2014

Do you have any Idea what you can do with your Rooted Android Device (Particularly galaxy ace)

I have heard so many Do's and Don't about rooting android device.
Its you, who personally can come to know, when you root your android device.
In this post we actually talk about Galaxy ace modification through rooting and flashing it with all new Unlimited V3 Beta.
So what you need before flashing a custom ROM.

1) A rooted android device (Galaxy ace)
2) Unlimited V3 Beta zip file
3) Battery charged upto or above 60%

And Friends following are the advantages.

1) All new galaxy s4 framework
2) S4 Settings
3) Most demanding Pros (890 MB of Internal Memory)

I am sharing link for flashing unlimited V3 ROM, In which it is also mention that how to flash the ROM step by step.
Good luck and Enjoy.
Click on below link

Unlimited v3 Beta


Cheers and enjoy