Saturday, 3 November 2012


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Tired of entering your username and password again and again each time you login to your favourite social media or any other website? What if you can use your mobile phone as an authentication device?Yes, it’s true.You can use your mobile phone to login to your facebook, twitter, gmail or any other website using Rublon.

About :

By using Rublon Android Application you don't have to enter any more passwords in order to log in to websites. You just scan a Rublon Code with your mobile phone that appears on your computer display and will get logged in automatically.
The Rublon mobile app works with websites that have integrated Rublon and those that did not. For those websites that still use passwords, you can use the Rublon Password manager, which is built-in with the Rublon mobile app.

         The Rublon technology is currently available for users of mobile phones based on the Android system (e.g. HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony) and the iPhone. Based on asymmetric cryptography instead of passwords, secure SSL connections and state-of-the-art user authentication through mobile phones, it's at least as secure as online banking.Rublon is the subject of several patent applications.

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Current version:

Requires Android:

1.6 and up

Try the Rublon Android app now.

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